Monday, 8 December 2008


1)Which part of UK is the most populated and the lagest?
2)How many millions people of population live in England?
3)In which part of the UK live more than 46 millions of people?
4)What seas wash up coasts of England?
5)What dovers wash up coasts of England?
6)What happened with the sea in a history of England?
7)For what the sea was imported?
8)What has always been an imported industry?
9)In what part of the world fishing was especially imported industry?
10)On what the sea in England influenced?
11)Which from the rivers was the longest and the most impotant in England?
12)Why the rivers are especially important for England?
13)What relief mainlyprevails in England?
14)Whether is a mountains in England?
15)What three main parts make England?
16)Where in England it is possible to find the favourite holiday area?
17)Where the fast stream of the rivers goes downstares from hills to valleys?
18)In what part of Englan one of the oldest British settlements is found?
19)What was found in Southern England exept for an ancient settlements?

Thank you for attention!!!

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